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About Me!!!!

My name is Lily. I have two brothers and a mom and a dad and a dog. My oldest brother is 13 almost 14 and his name is Sam. My younger brother is 8 and his name is Evan. Then there are my parents, my mom is 42 and my dad is 45. Last but not leatest my dog Scout, she is so fun and exiced all the time she is the best dog in the world!!!!!! She is also so good and she is only 1. I love to play sports manly swimming. I LOVE TO SWIM!!!!!!!! I have swam on a team sceance I can rememder. One of the cool things about simming is that when I was 8 before I moved here I went to a swim meet Tiger Sharkes v.s. Chaperle and Missy Franklen 8 years old and I think is still on was Chaperle and I was at the same swim meet as her! I LOVE DOMPLINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is my favroite food. I like it when it rains the smell after it rains makes me feel like me. I do NOT like spiders and tornados they scare me!

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1. To go to zones in swimming!

2. To get an A or a B in all my classes.

3. To get better at spelling.

4. To get better at reading.

5. To work on lessoning at home.

6. To be more my self then hiding it inside.

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This is a funny video it is about the kiwi bird and yes there is a bird named kiwi.