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"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. -Martin Luther King Jr.

My name is Alex H. I'm a student in Mr. Jacksons Language Arts and Social Studies class. Some of my favorite things to do are play sports. My favorite sport is football. In football I play Wide Reciever or Corner Back. I'm also not a bad running back. Some of my hobbies are playing Xbox 360, watching footall, and playing with my dog.

Goals: Some of my goals for the school year are to get all A's, Be the best student I can, and try not to procrasinate. Some of my personal goals are to get better at football, get faster and stronger, and get smarter.

6. These are things i'm comfrotable teching: How to work an I-pad. How to work a Laptop. How to work with the wiki.
Good grades please Mr. Jckson
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Alex H's Wiki PageThis picture describes me because I like KFC.