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HI! My names is Grace! My favorite sport is softball, my favorite food is caesar salad and my favorite movie is mean girls. My favorite subject is science. My favorite book is 11 birthdays (and the series of it). My favortie TV show is Baby Daddy. THIS IS MY WIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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GOALS: To go SKYDIVING!, to make my own roller coaster at cedar point, to meet Josh Hutcherson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
School Goals: To get all A's, to pay attention, and to get better at math.

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Dont cry because it's over, smile because it happened. - Dr. Suess

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Four Stories for Reviewing~ * rated out of ten stars

Good stories~


My Friend Kat

Bad Stories~


The Girl With the Rosebud Hair


Dance- A very good story about a girl who loves to dance, but doesn't make it on the dance team. All her friends do though, and she starts to feel left out. So, all year long she practices and practices in hope to make it on the dance team. Finally, she does, and she is extremely happy. She goes to her first recital, and her team got first place. As they say, practice makes perfect. I liked the book because she had a goal and she did her 100% effort to fulfill that goal. * 9 stars out of ten.

My Friend Kat- A very good but sad story about someones bestfriend who has gone through so much. About 5 divorces, 6 moves, 6 new schools, and her dad being arrested. But Kat is still the happiest girl, because she knows she has such a good bestfriend. Kat lives with her stepsister and stepmom, which must be hard. I liked the book because it had a good feeling to it. * 7 stars out of ten.

Tatsu- It was an okay book, but it was boring and made no sense. It was also really, really long. Tatsu was about a ninja, who caused trouble, but was good. It really didn't make and sense whatsoever. *4 stars out of 10*
The Girl with the Rosebud Hair- This was a book about a "ghost" who haunted an old house. In the book, a little girl witnessed the girl with the rosebud hair, (the ghost), cover her house with rotten fish then eat it. It kind of made no sense so I give it *5 stars out of 10*

Story Review-**
1) My story was a little rusty in places, but after i was reviewed, it was much much better.

2) My weak points are punctuation, like adding commas. My strong points are detail and creativeness. The writing process helped because i could see where i needed help and where i was good.

Food Story
Have you ever wondered of anything strange happens in your Kitchen when you leave? Probably not. But you might want to think again...
The Petersons were a quiet family. There was Mrs. Peterson, Mr. Peterson, Amanda and Luke. They were a nice, simple family, who lived on the edge of town. But, they weren't totally normal. Every day, when the Petersons left for work and school, All the food in the kitchen, from the meats to the fruits, came alive. The adults usually just chatted ont the counters and tables, while the children went to Food School, which took place in an empty and forgotten cuboard. The mayor of the food was a kind vegetable, named Tommy Tomato. right now he was in his office (on top of the refrigerator) where he had a view of the food citizens. Oliver Orange was shopping In the Cuboard Mall, a small cuboard filled with towels and things for foods homes. Several members of the grape family were swimming in the sink, and the Tangerine Twins, Tammy and Tessa, were tanning on the windowsill. All was well.
Tommy was working late. He had to organize tomorrow funerals for all the food that was eaten. This was an everyday cycle. When a food was eaten, the citizens gathered along the perimeter of the table and prayed. Suddenly, he heard a knock on his door. "Come in." Tommy said wearily. Several foods stormed in. Alarmed, Tommy rose out of his seat and looked around. "What is the meaning of this?" he demanded. "Mr. Mayor, this has gone too far. We lose our loved ones everyday! It's digusting and i want it to stop." said Maya Milk. "Tommy, today the Petersons had Mayzie Milk, and the Cheerios children for breakfast, but we got lucky at lunch, They're buying it today." Olivia Orange said. "We've tried everything, but nothing works!" Tommy Tomato Told the group. "Now leave me, I have much work to do!" he said attempting to shoo them away. Nobody moved. "Well, Mayor, we have some very, VERY, bad news." "What is it?" "Well, we overheard the Peterson's talking at dinner tonight, and it was bad." said Olivia Orange. "They said, well, they said they were going to have a feast. And it gets worse- they arent even going shopping for new food! They're being horrible and using the food that's already inside the fridge!" "WHAT!" yelled the mayor, "THIS IS OUTRAGIOUS!" Soon, all the foods left, thinking horrible thoughts. But, Tommy spent the whole night thinking and thinking. Finally, around 4:15 a.m, he had a brilliant idea! Tommy called a meeting for the whole kitchen. Everyone, the lemons, cupcakes, celerys, Cheez- Its, pretzels, goldfish, cherries, you name it.
The crowd was murmuring quitely when Tommy arrived. The noise faded away when the mayor stood on the stage. "I think most of us know why we are gathered here today." Tommy said. People started muttering in agreement. "But, I have a solution. Tomorrow, we will go into the baclyard when thge Petersons leave, and we will rot. All of us will bath in the sun, dunk ourselves in dirty water, and make ourselves rot." There was a long silence. Some look disgusted, others looked determined. "Would you rather be eaten alive, or feel disgusting everyday?" asked Tommy. But that question was asked the next morning when only half of the food population went to rot. It was there fault though, when the next morning, Mrs. Peterson woke up to find the rotted food. She threw them away, and now they live a happy life in the dumpster. THE END.

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