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Hi my name is Ian and I am 11 years old. I play hockey , baseball.
I go to berkshire middle school and live in beverly hills. I have 2 si-
sters and 1 older brother. I am very good with computers and I
want to be a computer disigner. My friend's are.
jake najor

matt englehart

harrison cole

charlie riddle

nick c

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It was 1979; the US hockey team had lost another Olympic appearance against the Soviet Union or CCCP. But this year they were trying something different. Trying to outscore the Soviets was out of reach but one option was left to out skate them. This year they tried to work more on skating but to also have the best goalie in the country. This year they got Jim Craig one of the best and one of the younger goalies out there. Mike Ramses was one of the better players from Boston Colleague he has the shot and great skating ability to honor the team. These are just some of the great skating and shooters on the new and improved USA hockey team. The first tryout went as planned all of the new agents did what they were old and executed it to the best to their ability. The tryout was over and the head coach Mike Slaughter had the roster all ready planned but but as the team went on with practice there was one incontinent involving a fight but that did not really affect the team. As they carried on with practice then the game came along a Norwegian team the team from Norway. The US played one of the worst games that they have ever played. The US team was about to go to their locker room the coach asked “What do you think you guys are doing?” They all replied “Going to the locker room.” They all replied “No you stay out here and do laps!” They all got out there and started to do even though the rink closed they still did laps until someone stood up and said “Mr. Slaughter!” The coach then asked “Who do you play for?” He replied “I PLAY FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!” Then the coach said “You are dismissed.”A few weeks later it was the championship game USA vs. the CCCP. It was the game from last year and with hard work USA did it they won the championship the game was 3-2. Jim Craig had the best game of his life. And they did it they beat the Soviets. It was the biggest upset in all of hockey.