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All about me. I like to play have 2x sisters and 1 brother I want to be a baseball player when I get older. and I am the yongest in the family.23ianc
One day a kid named bill wanted to go for a very long run. He was planning this for about four months. He thought that it would be cool to go with his friends, so he called them up. He said “hey guys do you want to go on a two day run? They said sure. So it took them about one day to get ready. He said we will go in the morning. Then they came to nicks house in the morning on Monday. bill, Jake, Joe and John where all whirring Nike free runs. There first stop was to go to the store and buy water for the trip. Once they did that the run began up Mt. Helix half way up they saw a mountain lion. Right in there path.

They couldn’t go any other way because the sides of them were water. They had no choice but to go into the water. There was a current pushing them back. It was pretty hard for them to get through. They saw some vines and grabbed them to pull them through. They continued the run. Now there clothes were soaking wet. But they pulled through. bill saw some rocks and thought it would be cool to jump over them he made it over two. And then BOOOOM he nailed a rock they took him to the hospital and he had a very bad concussion. He went to bed and died in the hospital.