The Writing Process Page

1. Create a Page

2. Name it First name middle initial "writing process" (Sample RalphJwritingprocess)

3. Tag it writingprojackson12

Review This PowerPoint as a reference tool

4. Part I: Pre-writing/Brainstorming

-Choose four stories you would like to review
-Rank them in order from best to worst (rank them on a scale of 1-10)
-Write a five sentence review of the story explaining why it was ranked where it was(be specific)
- Add a short paragraph on which brainstorming activity you found the most helpful

5. Part II Organizing

-Use an approved tool to post an outline (Inspiration is user friendly)
For inspiration, you will need details on the five elements of a short story(will be presented in class).
1. Plot (List at least four major events in the story)
2. Characters (List major characters with descriptions)
3. Conflict: What major conflicts will happen in your story
4. Setting: When and where is your story taking place(details!)
5. Theme: What do you want the reader to get out of reading your story?
-Post a story map with at least five plot elements for your story

6. Part III Drafting

-Compose your first draft and paste it in it's entirety to the wiki
( is a rough draft and does not need to be perfect..yet)

7. Part IV Revising and Editing

-Go on at least five other pages and
edit their rough drafts. Change your font to a different color so they can see your editing.
- Review the PowerPoint and remember to be positive as possible and offer compliments,suggestions, and corrections.

-after viewing the feedback of your colleagues consider what you should change for the final draft
Post the potential Final Copy into Criterion for final feedback

8. Final Copy (Publishing)

-First type your final copy in word using 12-point, Times New Roman Font, one inch margins, and double spaced.
-Copy and Paste it to your wiki page
-Also, attach the Word Version of it to your page