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Detroit Population Sprawl From 1940-2000

Detroit Population Changes

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Five Myths About Detroit

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"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

-U.S. Declaration of Independence

"Political society exists for the sake of protecting a person's life, liberty, and estate"

-John Locke

"A racist is one who despises someone because of his color, and an Alabama segregationist is one who conscientiously believes that it is in the best interest of Negro and white to have a separate education and social order.
-George Wallace (Alabama Governor 1964)


Discussion Items:

What is Detroit's six word story?

Segregation from the outset (p.22-26)
-Michigan 80%-White 14%-Black 4% Latino/Hispanic 2% Asian (
-Detroit 83% Black 10%White
- Highland Park 94%- Black 3% - White
-Dearborn 89%-White 4%-Black
-Chelsea- 95% - White .4%-Black

Do you consider these cities truly integrated?

Blacks Kept Out of White Neighborhoods by Force
-Ossian Sweet(1920s)p.26

FDR Executive Order 8802 (p.27)
-UAW and NAACP use to pressure employer

Race and Housing (p.34 -40)

-Overpriced Rental Property

Paradise Valley
  • -overpriced, needing repairs, impoverished citizens
  • -Self-fulfilling Prophecy: Showed whites that "blacks destroyed neighborhoods."
  • Conant Gardens-Upscale African Americans
  • -residents against public housing

Institutional Racism (60-74)

  • -Realtors, covenants, redlining, charters, removal for freeways
  • -Housing projects resisted by nearby suburbs

Orville Hubbard (Dearborn Mayor from 1942-1973)
  • -Keep Dearborn Clean
  • - "I'm not a racist, but I hate those black bastards"
  • -"With Integration, you wind up with a mongrel race"
  • -Church Pastor "One can love both cats and dogs but only a fool would throw a number of both in the same cage" (p.79)

Finally Housing in 1960s (Eight mile-Wyoming)

City Politics

1945 Jeffries defeats UAW-backed Frankensteen
-Jeffries, a conservative, appealed to the "middle class who's inalienable possession is white skin."
-Jeffries made voters fears black housing and tied it to communism
1949 Albert Cobo defeats UAW backed George Edwards
-despite UAW backing, Cobo recieves most UAW vote due to whites' housing fears
-Cobo then destroyed public housing possibilities

Employment (p.94-110)

  • Hiring sometime screened by race
  • Auto plants gave blacks the "lowest paid and dirtiest jobs"
  • Certain auto plants hired very few blacks (decentralized)
  • Stuck in unskilled, lower positions
  • No retail positions due to fear of white women
  • Steel Workers- No discrimination, but no minority jobs
  • Other industries required worker recommendations for hiring


Thomas Poindexter become popular politician for blaming blacks and advocates for the demise of Detroit

Homeowners Associations

Essay Topic: Why Do you like/dislike Negroes?

  1. They are Mean
  2. They are not clean
  3. Don't like whites
  4. Leave garbage in the yard
  5. They scare you in dark
  6. They pick you up in cars and kill you
  7. Start Riots
Racial Bias with good intentions
538 Wealth Gap in America